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[Review] ZVCA Delegation of Chinese Investors to U.S.

2015.12.01 10:23

ZVCA Delegation of Chinese Investors to U.S.—Hi-techinnovation tour brought to a successful closure on September 27, 2015.

This delegation was held by Zhongguancun PrivateEquity and Venture Capital Association ( ZVCA), U.S. government, Embassy of theU.S. in China, Canadian government and Embassy of the Canada in China, and wasled by president of ZVCA Mr. Shaojie Wang, honorary president of GuangdongVenture Capital and Private Equity Association Mr. Chunhong Li, CEO of BrightStone Investment and vice president of ZVCA Mr. Hu Xiao, the whole trip wasaccompanied by Senior Commercial Specialist of Embassy of the United State inChina, during the 9 days delegation trip, delegates visited San Francisco,Silicon Valley, Settle and Vancouver. There were investment meeting with local famousorganizations and hi-tech projects, which were specially organized by SanFrancisco Government, Washington State China Relations Council and BritishColumbia Government for Chinese delegation; delegates have visited manywell-known incubators, including well-known incubator Runway in San Francisco,Stanford StartX in Silicon Valley, the largest incubator of the world Plug andPlay in Silicon Valley, Surf in Seattle; they visited and had meeting with somehigh quality hi-tech companies and organizations as well, such, meeting with famousgame company Kabam in San Francisco which was invested by Alibaba, meeting withWest Summit Capital in Silicon Valley, Life ScienceInstitute of UBC andCentre for Drug R&D of UBC in Vancouver etc; at the same time, delegatesalso visited famous PE and VC organizations and hi-tech companies, suchheadquarters of SequoiaCapital, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Intel etc. This delegation has promotedthe understandings between U.S. government, Canadian government, localorganizations and Chinese investors, for which is well received.


1.Meeting inSan Francisco

2.Meeting inSeattle

3.Meeting inVancouver

4.Visit famous incubator Runway in San Francisco

5.Visit incubator Plug and Play in Silicon Valley

Meeting with managing partner of Plug and Play Alireza Masrour

6.Visit incubator Surf in Seattle

7.Meeting with game company Kabam in San Francisco

8.Meeting with West Summit Capital in Silicon Valley

9.Meeting with Centre for Drug R&D of UBC

10.Meeting withthe Chief Scientist of Life Science Institute of UBC Pieter Cullis

11.Networking lunch with Dentons lawyers

12.The headquarter of Sequoia Capital

13.The headquarter of Google

14.Theheadquarter of Amazon

15.Stanford University