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"ZVCA takes part in the online seminar of 2020 Dubai World Expo"

2021.08.17 10:17


Invitation to the online seminar of "ZVCA taking part in the 2020 Dubai World Expo"

In recent years, Middle East countries have pursued economic transformation and national development, and successively launched opening up strategies and investment plans. In order to promote the docking of China's "the Belt and Road" initiative with the development strategies of Middle East countries, ZVCA is committed to promoting cooperation between Chinese industries and the Middle East market, helping Chinese enterprises establish effective links with relevant institutions and enterprises in Gulf countries, providing Gulf countries with the technical and experience support they need, and attracting capital investment and policy support from the Middle East for Chinese enterprises.

The 2020 Dubai World Expo will be held from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. To enable the members of ZVCA to further understand the cooperation opportunities related to the Dubai World Expo, understand the economic development direction of Middle East countries and the strategic industrial demand for practical cooperation with China, understand the local available policies, capital advantages and relevant services, ZVCA will hold an online seminar on "ZVCA taking part in the 2020 Dubai World Expo" on August 17.

Enterprises and institutions interested in the UAE and the Middle East markets are welcome to participate in the seminar, which will be conducted in an easy way, and guests can fully interact via Q&A.

Foreign guests

H.E Mohammed Al Hashmi CTO of Expo2020 Dubai

Nadimeh Mehra,Vice President, Direct 2020, Expo2020 Dubai

Guests keep updating……



14:00-16:00 Beijing Time (10:00-12:00 Dubai Time) on August 17, 2021

Form of activity

Seminar online  (small-scale closed door seminar, providing translation)

Registration contact

Ms. ZVCA Lin 13699282137 (same as WeChat)


14: 00-14:05 Play the introduction video of ZVCA

14: 05-14:15 Play the promotional video of 2020 Dubai World Expo

14: 15-14:20 Speech by President Wang Shaojie of ZVCA 

14:20-14:40 H.E Mohammed Al Hashmi CTO of Expo2020 Dubai

14:40-15:00 Nadimeh Mehra,Vice President,Direct 2020, Expo2020 Dubai 

15: 00-15:20 guests share

15:20-16:00 Interactive Q&A