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Explore Dubai Business Opportunities and Link Global Finance | DIFC Dubai Financial Policy Promotion Meeting Successfully Held!

2024.06.03 15:07

With the pragmatic promotion of the UAE President's visit to China ,  the first Dubai DIFC Financial Free Trade Zone Promotion Conference is successfully held and warmly welcomed with the support of the ZVCA,Tsinghua TusHoldings and TusStar, which are the memeber of ZVCA.

At the meeting, Wang Shaojie, the President of ZVCA, and Wang Yongrui, the Senior Vice President of TusHoldings, together with Salmaan Jaffery, the Chief Business Development Officer of DIFC, deliver welcoming speeches.

Mr. Rong Rui, the speaker from Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) gives a comprehensive introduction to its business environment and investment opportunities, and Ms. Guo Xiaoxi, the DIFC Business Expansion Manager, gives a sharing speech in depth from a financial policy perspective. Manager Guo Xiaoxi states that the advantages of Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) are mainly reflected in: 1) an internationalized common law framework of the UK and independent finance and court regulation; 2) Being able to meet the needs of enterprises in setting up offshore structures to achieve tax planning and overseas structure planning, while also enjoying local tax and monetary policies in Dubai; 3) Strong Chinese enterprises and individual groups; 4) Diversified and international platforms to help companies move from Dubai to areas of Middle East and Northeast Africa; 5) A sound family wealth structure and framework to meet overseas asset allocation; 6) For VC, SPV, and technology companies, there is a 90% policy fee reduction.

This promotion event provides a face-to-face interactive platform for Chinese enterprises, financial institutions, and others who want to go abroad and land in the Dubai Financial Free Trade Zone.