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Member Benefits

Chapter I  General Provisions

Article 1    The name of the association shall be China Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (“ZVCA”), which in Chinese shall be “中关村股权投资协会”.

Article 2    The nature of ZVCA. The association is a non-profit social group jointly sponsored by the well-known investment organizations from home and abroad.

Article 3    Adhering to the the development concept of specialization and internationalization, the association builds industry platform to make members achieve win-win value in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of cooperation.

Article 4    The association is a social group that legally registered with the Civil Affairs Department, directed by Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, having the activity qualification within the whole country.

Article 5    Address: F7, Asia-Pacific Building, No. 8 Yabaolu Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.


Charpter II  Business Scope

Article 6    The business scope of ZVCA shall be as follows:

(1)  organize various activities, building communication and cooperation platform between members and government, colleges and universities, enterprises, and service agencies;

(2)  collaborating with membership platform, carry out professional study and communication on the development of venture capital industry, interpret the latest equity investment policy, and analyze international equity investment trend;

(3)  contact with domestic and foreign equity investment institutions, enterprises and industry associations, to build a industry platform as a window of external exchange;

(4)  collect and establish information resource repositories of the equity investment project, to promote communication and cooperation between members;

(5)  establish information resource repositories of the equity investment experts, to provide for enterprises professional consulting services in the fields of law, investment, management, finance and M&A;

(6) regularly launch high-level training to enhance industry awareness, to increase practical experience, and to cultivate professional talents;

(7) advocate self-regulation of the industry, to establish the behavior norms and self-discipline mechanism of equity investment industry;

(8) accept the entrustment of government functions, to undertake the businesses sponsored by the relevant government departments and industry departments;

(9)  publish the industrial publications, advocate the new policies and new ideas of equity investment, establish a new model; and

(10)  safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, to reflect members' difficulties, opinions and requirements, and to help members solve problems.


Charpter III  Members

Article 7    There shall be two categories of Memberships, namely Individual Membership and Institutional Membership.

Article 8    All applicants for membership of ZVCA shall:

(1) agree to abide by the ZVCA Charter;

(2) voluntarily apply for the membership of ZVCA;

(3) have certain influence in respective industry or field; and

(4) pay the membership dues on time.

Article 9    All applications for membership in ZVCA shall be processed in accordance with procedures as follows:

(1) submit an application form and relevant materials, indicating the applicant’s subject qualification etc.;

(2) submit to the Executive Council for discussion upon adoption; and

(3) obtain membership certificate from the secretariat authorized by the President.

Article 10    ZVCA’s members are entitled to the following rights:

(1) attend member's conference, having the rights of election, being elected and voting;

(2) participate in any activities held by ZVCA;

(3) have the priority of getting any services from ZVCA;

(4) have access to submit proposal, to criticize and suggest, and to supervise; and

(5) have freedom of accession and secession.

Article 11    ZVCA’s members shall perform the following obligations:

(1) comply with ZVCA Charter, implement all the resolutions of ZVCA;

(2) uphold the reputation as well as the legitimate rights and interests of ZVCA; 

(3) fulfill the tasks assigned by ZVCA;

(4) actively participate in the activities organized by ZVCA;

(5) pay membership dues as stipulated;

(6) keep ZVCA informed of related information, and provide authentic and reliable materials to ZVCA as required;

(7) actively cooperate with the association’s website, journals and databases for supplement and maintenance; and

(8) appoint special departments and specialized personnel to be responsible for liaison with the organization.

Article 12    To withdraw from membership, a member shall submit a written application and return the Member Certificate to ZVCA. If a member fails to pay the membership dues for 1 years or does not participate in the activities of the group without any reason, he/she shall be deemed to be a voluntary withdrawal.

Article 13    For any member who seriously violates this Charter, ZVCA will, upon approval of relevant resolution by the Board of Directors and the President's office meeting, cancel the membership of the said member.


Charpter IV  Membership Dues


Article 14    Membership ranks and dues (RMB):

(1) Regular Member:  ¥10,000/year

(2) Director:  ¥50,000/year

(3) Executive Director:  ¥70,000/year

(4) Vice President:  ¥100,000/year

(5) Executive Vice President:  ¥150,000/year

(6) Co-chairman:  ¥200,000/year


Article 15    Payment account & Address for receiving datas:

Account Name:  Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (ZVCA)

Account Number:  110908188410501

Bank of Deposit:  China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Beijing Haidian Branch

Address:  F7, Asia-Pacific Building, No. 8 Yabaolu Chaoyang District, Beijing, China  100020