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Project Cooperation


Our Target :

Embassy in China

International Government 

International associations and organizations 

Type of Activity:

1.International Government Investment Promotion Seminar

2.Industry seminar

3.Road Show

4.International Forum

5.ZVCA 2019 Innovation and Capital Forum 


Service Content:


Responsible for the promotion of the pre-project and the dissemination of the late news reports, including ZVCA Wechat public account, ZVCA Website. 

Provide industry mainstream media to pre-publicize and report during the meeting.

2.Event Planning

According to the needs of the request, customize the appropriate event type and plan.

Responsible for inviting attendee.

Confirm event agenda, key speakers, and the rest of  arrangement

Invite media, arrange on-site interviews, webcasts, and follow-up news reports

3.Follow up Service

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